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Artist Name: Imagine 5

Album Name: Imagine 5

Genre: Jazz/ World

Formats: CD and Digital

Release Date: April 21st, 2019

Engineered and Mixed by Matt Hayes at Wellspring Sound Studio: Boston, MA

Mastered by Homero Lotito at Reference Mastering Studio: São Paulo, Brazil

Imagine 5 Is:

Fernando Brandão (Flute), Caio Afiune (Guitar), James Heazlewood Dale (Bass), Ryan Fedak (Vibraphone), Bertram Lehman (Drums and Percussion)

Track Listing:

1 Carta Brasileira (Brandão) (7:08)

2 Look Around You (Fedak) (6:06)

3 Bratislava by Night (Dale) (9:28)

4 Valsa de Abril (Brandão) (6:18)

5 Awake (Brandão) (7:11)

6 Little Piece (Afiune) (2:07)

7 Carta Pela Paz (Brandão) (8:34)

8 I Remember You (Schertzinger/Mercer arr. Afiune) (5:42)

9 Cartas de um Navegante (Brandão) (8:24)


Imagine 5: The Debut Album

Based in Boston, MA, Imagine 5 presents a unique sound that spans across continents. The diverse group seamlessly blends bebop vocabulary with grooves and percussion from around the world. Each highly trained and well-versed, the group delivers a vibrant musical experience and unexpected sound palate to their expansive audience.

In the summer of 2017, flutist Fernando Brandão organized a jam session with some of his students and friends to perform original music in a casual setting. Soon after, the group defined itself as a quintet feeling that they had stumbled upon a special connection. With a vision of a unique sound for lush and playful compositions, the group’s inspiration grew into a collaborative project where each member brought in their own compositions to be re-imagined. Imagine 5 has quickly emerged onto the Boston scene, gaining a following through Cambridge River Festival, Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Community Music Center of Boston, and various other venues.

The group draws inspiration from chamber music by extending dynamics, interchanging lines and eloquent counter lines, but adds a variety of textures, improvisation, world grooves and jazz sonorities. Each person plays a specific role in each tune, leaving room for conversation, breath and showcases each individual voice in a unique way.

In the liner notes resides a beautiful introduction from highly celebrated composer and arranger, Matthew Nicholl. He recounts the importance of the history and tradition that throbs through each composition, and further writes, “In the same way that a mature player develops a unique voice, some ensembles… attain a collective voice. All fine members of the Imagine 5 contribute to its repertoire, but each of these tracks, as different as they are from one another, is immediately recognizable as coming from the voice of Imagine 5.”

The group is set to release their debut album on all streaming services and CD format April 21st, 2019. There will also be a live demonstration of the album in its entirety at the Lilypad in Cambridge the same day at 3 PM.


Imagine 5 can be contacted through:

imaginefivemusic@gmail.com | www.imagine5.com

Photo by Gaia Wilmer  Album Art by Eva Redamonti

Photo by Gaia Wilmer

Album Art by Eva Redamonti